Feb. 10.


Relish has been the best addition to our family!  Never having been pet owners before, we did lots of reading before selecting the breed of dog we wanted.  It was unanimous that we had to have a Dachshund.  As you know, we love her so much and it is hard to remember what life was like before she came into ours.

We also had the issue of severe allergies in a family member and were concerned that we may not be able to bring a pet into the home.  But, with your helpfulness and concerns for the family as well as your little rescues, you agreed to bring over a few of your rescues so we could “test” for reactions to the dog.  We were thrilled when the Dachshunds didn’t cause any allergic reactions.

Relish is so smart and so funny, and such an important member to our family now, that when we have had to travel without her, we cannot wait to get back home!

Thank you for doing this wonderful work and thank you for taking the time to help us when we had so many questions and concerns.  When you called us to say you had the perfect little girl for us, you were absolutely correct!  She is perfect!

Because of Relish and the work you do to save so many of these little Dachshunds, we have brought a second one into our home from rescue.

Bless all the volunteers that give so much of themselves to save and find homes for these homeless little dogs.  Your work will be rewarded with a special place in heaven!

From Relish’s family of 4 and two Dachshunds