Jan. 06.

Tuck – ADOPTED!!

Introducing Tuck. He presently weighs 13 lbs and is a real sweetheart. As he was born on the 25th of Jun 2016, is still very much a puppy so he tries to put everything in his mouth so he will need good supervision inside and out. He has a lot of energy and would do great with someone that has another young small dog so he has a play companion. He loves his Kong’s and loves to have you throw them and he will retrieve them.   

He sleeps in his crate at night and will go to the door when he needs to go outside.   He has only had an accident a couple times since his foster mother has had him. He was recently neutered following a month wait after his surgery for an intestinal blockage from which he has recovered nicely.

He sleeps all night most of the time.  Tuck goes for walks but not great on a leash, will need to work on that. He seems to be scared of loud noises and will  a very special home with someone that will be there with him during the day.  He is cutting teeth at the present time.  He has lost both molars and a couple smaller teeth.  So that is probably one reason he is chewing on everything in his path.

Tuck is being fostered in Las Cruces and his adoption fee is $400.