Mar. 17.


Say hello to Howdy, a Tri-color, rough coat, male Dachshund, maybe some Bassett hound somewhere, just listen to his baying voice.  Weighing in at about 27 pounds, he is a stocky guy.  He is just over 10 years old, and has had a hard life.  When his previous owner was arrested, and sent to jail, the family surrendered the dog to the Espanola shelter, Thanksgiving 2016.  The shelter neutered him, pulled his rotten teeth, gave him his vaccinations, and tested him for heartworms (negative).  After recovering from all his veterinary procedures, he has regained his equanimity, but is still afraid of being picked up.  He will come and sit on the couch, and allow himself to be gently petted, but don’t try to grab him.  Loves to walk on a leash, at kind of a slow dachsie gallop.  Eats dry kibble food, and barks to go in and out, has not learned the doggie door (yet).  He kind of plays with the other dogs, but is more of a loner.  He will also come up the doggie steps to the bed when people are napping, but he prefers to sleep in his dog bed during the night.  Howdy would do best in a home with an alpha male human, and people that are kind and gentle with him.  Probably not a family dog.  Howdy’s being fostered in southern Colorado and his adoption fee is $200.