Jun. 25.

Mickey – ADOPTED!!!

Meet sweet and gentle Mickey, the cutest little guy this side of Heaven — a black and tan shorthair,  he’s a small one, weighing in at 0nly 10 to 11 pounds, a true mini.  Mickey will bark very protectively when someone comes to the home, otherwise he is known to be a happy soul, very playful and likes being with other dogs.  He is 10 years old, but don’t let that age fool you, a lot of years left in him yet.  He uses a doggie door, loves to cuddle whenever you have the time, and will sleep in a crate during the night.  Course the human bed is preferred,  but otherwise he is content to go into the crate when you ask him to.  He would make the perfect dog for a senior couple.  We feel a family with small children or children under 12 years would not be suitable.  His foster dad states also that he is house trained.  He is due for dental work in the next two weeks, and is current on annual shots and is microchipped. Recently Mickey was found to have a kidney stone and crystals in his urine, and underwent surgery to have the stone removed. He is now on a veterinary prescribed diet and needs to urine checked for crystals periodically. He needs a family that can meet his special needs and assure he has a long and healthy life. Wouldn’t you like to have Mickey join you in your loving home? He’s most anxious to join his “forever” family. Mickey is being fostered in Farmington and his adoption fee will be $200.