Jan. 08.


In writing about this sweetheart of a little guy, the old adage “Age is Just a Number” certainly does apply to Baron.  He is 11 years old going on four years old — his age does not indicate he is that genteel “older gentleman”.   When he walks down the hallway or out on the patio, he has a “show dog” strut to him that really shows off his slick body build.  Baron is a smaller doxie, weighing right at 12 lbs., he is on the thin side right now after having been thru some neglected turmoils in his life.  He was picked up as a stray in October by the city shelter and at that time it was clearly determined he had serious dental disease.  The shelter did extensive dental surgery, removing eight of his teeth but not only that, he had already lost more than half of his teeth by their just simply falling out because they were so bad.  He was left with just his two lower canines and this was to prevent him from having a broken jaw.  He will look at you with a darling gleam in his eye and his little tongue hanging between his two teeth.  Baron will need some oral dental work done, which will be scheduled in February and underwritten by NMDR.   He was adopted after his October stint at the shelter, but apparently he wanted to escape and was again picked up, but this time he has some wounds on his back as tho he had tunneled under a fence to get out.   The wounds are completely healed and his fur is starting to grow over the areas.  You might detect this in a couple of his photos.  Baron is the sweetest dog his foster mom has ever had, he is just precious and so loving and gentle.  It just seems he was escaping to get back to the shelter because maybe he knew that Dachshund Rescue would find him and give him the love and care that he needs.  He is fully potty trained, going out in the cold doesn’t both him one bit.  He likes other dogs, will sleep in the doggie bed or in a chair during the day, and in his own special chair in the bedroom at night time,  and because of his teeth situation, he doesn’t play with toys, and does need to be given thoroughly softened food for his meals.  He eats very well, and oh yes, he likes to help his foster mom cook.  He’s right there beside her wanting to lend a paw, shall we say.  He is up to date on all his shots, heartworm negative, and microchipped. And of course he is neutered.   For anyone desiring a quiet, congenial and smaller dog, Baron is your man.  You can meet him at our adoption event on January 27 at the Petco on San Mateo.   He would like to meet you and charm you to pieces!!  He is being fostered in Albuquerque and his fee would be $200.