Jan. 08.


Say hello to Mr. Kelly, also known as Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky as he is certainly that and a bit more. Kelly is a four year old male who came to us from the city shelter in Albuquerque, he was straying around the neighborhood when he was picked up, became neutered, and then into our rescue group. He is one great dog – so very friendly, loving, gentle and playful with toys or a human, and oh so very charming in his personality. And I do mean charming! He has the usual doxie stubborness in him, which adds to his personality. He is a bit unusual in his conformation for a dachshund in that his ears are a little bit shorter and also a smaller nose area, but he is definitely dachshund. He weighs 15 lbs. and is quite well housebroken – needs a small amount of work on that simply because he does not like the coldness of the morning. He will put his face out the doggie door and “test the waters” before deciding he needs to wait an hour or two to make the jaunt. But the rest of the day he is in and out frequently, and when he isn’t occupied outside or with a toy, he is very content to go lay in the doggie bed and take another snooze. Kelly is very good with the other dogs at his foster’s home, as there are several for him to choose from. He would make a wonderful playmate for an older child, possibly someone who is eight years and older. And oh yes, true to doxie standards, he lets you know that the bed is to be shared with him each night – he’s right there to claim his spot. Meal time is special to him as he really knows how to chow down quickly, but he is not a beggar when Foster Mom is having her meal. He is truly a wonderful dog who will give someone many years of joy — he’s like a rag mop – you can pick him up and wiggle him around, love him up, lay him down in a spot, and he doesn’t mind any of what is being done to him. Just very well natured. Come meet Kelly at our adoption event being held on January 27th at the Petco store on San Mateo and Academy. He would love to meet you — that is if he is still available. He is microchipped, has all shots and is heartworm negative. What more could you ask for?. Kelly is being fostered in Albuquerque and his fee is $275.