Adoption Application

Please read below what some of our requirements are before filing this application with our organization. We ask that you complete either the form below or download and complete the application pdf. Once the application is received, we will review it and work diligently to make the perfect match!

It is important that each question is answered as honestly and completely as possible. Some of our rescues have broken pasts (physical abuse, lack of human contact, no socialization). Some are great with children; others are best in an adult-only home. Some may need extra training and patience to refine their interpersonal and/or inter-canine skills. We will check your references and perform a home visit prior to matching you with a rescue. Please advise your references that someone will be calling them regarding this application. The home visit allows us to identify any potential hazards a Dachshund might encounter, as well as possible escape routes, should they feel adventurous! We may ask you to make modifications to ensure the safety of the Dachshund prior to placement in your home.

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Download pdf format here