Aug. 03.

Snoopy – ADOPTED!!

“Snoopy-Doo, that’s what my foster mom calls me because I remind her of Scooby-Doo with short legs. But I’m much handsomer. I’m a standard dachshund with a classic, noble head, deep chest and velvety short red hair. I’m on a diet (rats!) until I have a waistline again. I’m 9 years young, housebroken (yay!), love exploring all the smells while on my walks, and fit in well with other dogs. The vet gave me my shots…but he removed all my teeth and my boy parts, too (ouch!). No problem – I gum my food really well! My owner surrendered me because she was becoming confused and couldn’t take care of me anymore. So now I feel lost and looking for a home where people will love me and play with me and let me be their forever dog. I’m being fostered in Albuquerque, and my adoption fee is $250.00. Believe me, you will never, ever find a better dog than me!”


snoopy-1 snoopy-2  snoopy-4 snoopy-5